Shed Hunting Videos from Raised Hunting

The bleak outlook of the off-season once winter begins is short lived for outdoor enthusiasts. If you were truly raised hunting, you know that February-April marks the start of another season…Shed season! Shed antlers or “white gold” as we refer to them, is an addiction and obsession that is not easily shaken off this time of year. Shed hunting is a craze and over the 3-month period of February, March, and April your social feeds will often fill up with antlers. Whether this is your first year shed hunting, or you are a seasoned white gold hunter you have just hit a goldmine!

Here at Raised Hunting, we eat, sleep, and breathe shed hunting during this 3-month period. When you live it, and you have as many cameras around as we do…it creates a hub of information!

Raised Hunting Shed Season | Shed Hunting Tips

Raised Hunting Shed Season playlist is a 5-part video series diving into some insightful tips on finding shed antlers.

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