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Hunting Ethics In Today’s Culture

Instilling Hunting Ethics In Our Youth Ethics, many of us “understand” the word and can most likely apply it to our everyday lives. Living an ethical life can sometimes means different things depending upon who you are and what your background is. Webster defines the word ethics as “Rules of behavior based upon ideas of […]

Wide Open Spaces | The Most Meaningful Episode Yet

DAVID HOLDER TELLS US ABOUT ‘HOPE,’ THE MOST MEANINGFUL EPISODE OF ‘RAISED HUNTING’ YET Article From: “DAVID HOLDER TELLS US ABOUT ‘HOPE,’ THE MOST MEANINGFUL EPISODE OF ‘RAISED HUNTING’ YET” – Wide Open Spaces By Eric Pickhartz October 13, 2016 We spoke with David Holder from Outdoor Channel’s ‘Raised Hunting’ to find out about a very […]

Stuffed Elk Backstrap Recipe | Wild Game Recipe

A Raised Hunting Stuffed Elk Backstrap Recipe Slice the elk backstrap down the middle and pound out flat Sauté spinach and 5-6 (or more) garlic cloves Spread on elk backstrap, then I added prosciutto with mozzarella cheese. Roll and tuck, roll and tuck. Truss with baking string (most meat markets have and will share) I grill with […]

Smoked Elk Backstrap | Wild Game Recipe

A Raised Hunting Favorite Smoked Elk Backstrap Recipe Rub the night before with your favorite seasonings, cover and leave in fridge over night. Slice slits into the back strap, insert a garlic clove into each slit, rub with olive oil and flip over and so the same thing. Top with any combination of bread crumbs: […]