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If you are #RaisedHunting, then chances are you your life is an enjoyable one. You know life is short, and you have chosen to live it up to its fullest potential by being an individual or family that enjoys hunting the great outdoors. While you love spending time in the outdoors, the local woods, and traversing the local terrain, you still have your own bucket list. However, this list is not what most people would consider a full-fledged “Bucket List”, it’s scribbles on a notebook paper that are bucket list hunts.

Bucket List Hunts | Raised Hunting S3E8 “Bucket List” Teaser
(Video) Life is short, but thankfully by the good graces of God he has granted us the short amount of time between when we are born, and when we die. For the hunter, spending life in the woods hunting is how we choose to enjoy our time here on earth. For some of us, this means making a bucket list. Unlike the rest of the world, our bucket list does not revolve around minor things or activities, much more than that our list contains bucket list hunts. Hunts that live in our dreams that we would give anything to go on. These bucket list hunts are what makes life special and is using the time on earth that we have to its full potential. On this episode, an ailing father sparks a wife to make sure her husband doesn’t go through life not at least trying to fulfill one of the larger goals on his bucket list… a Kansas whitetail hunt!

What are Your Bucket List Hunts?

The life the good lord gave us is short, but it is good one. What we do with the time given, is up to us. So the question is have you set goals. If so what are they? For hunters, goals look like a notebook paper, with species scribbled down? all bucket list hunts. These are hunts of a lifetime that we dream of every season. So have you made one yet? What are your bucket list hunts?

Some may look like this?

  • Caribou
  • Brown Bear
  • Black Bear
  • A Boone and Crockett Whitetail
  • Elk
  • Big Horn Sheep
  • Mountain Goat
  • Mule Deer

They don’t have to be in North America, why not just have a bucket list of hunts for different areas?

  • Hunts in ALASKA!
  • Hunts in AFRICA!

What species, what area, and what style of hunting make up your bucket list hunts? More importantly, have you started on your list?

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  1. James Lavender
    James Lavender says:

    Mr. and Mrs. Holder,
    My Names is James Lavender and I use to work with Leslie Brill at EG&G Technical Services, she told me about your website, so here I am. I have been game bird hunting all my life and I have Whitetail and Elk hunting with a rifle and bow on my Bucket List. I would love to come out and meet and visit your family one day. I live in California so it may be a ways off. Do you have any suggestions I can implement to get started ? Thank You and God Bless!

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