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Family Hunting | Why Father’s Day is Important

Father’s Day and Family Hunting Go Hand in Hand

Father’s Day always sparks nostalgic memories of family hunting days past with dads and family. This designated day for our fathers is not just about one single time of the year to hang out with your dad or children but rather it is a celebration of a yearlong position, a lifestyle, a duty and a way of being. It is a reminder to us of how our own fathers have provided guidance, instilled family hunting traditions and were just plain there for us growing up. For those of us with our own children, this day reminds us of the importance of being there for our kids as they grow just like our fathers have been there for us.

Why Father’s Day is Important

Father’s Day weekend is a joyous reminder of what should be one of the most important elements of family hunting. Hunting has transformed from an activity of necessity for most to one that brings millions to the woods each year to share cherished time in the natural world bonding with those loved ones that mean so much to us. The meaning of Father’s Day is more than the commercialization we see today. Often holidays are days we think about giving gifts. Although there is nothing wrong with celebrating your dad with gifts for Father’s Day, we must not forget the true meaning of the special day. Father’s Day is important to take time to reflect on our fathers and grandfathers and forefathers who came before us.

It is a day for dads to remember that special time when our children were born. Fatherhood is one of the greatest jobs that a man can have. Scary at first because there are so many unknowns, but the skills to teach our children are the ones that were passed down to us from our fathers and their fathers before them. Each day is a memory as a father. Who can forget that excitement we have enjoyed on that first family hunting adventure with our son or daughter. The time spent passing on the outdoor knowledge and lessons we were given from our fathers is truly what’s important as an outdoor dad.

The importance of Father’s Day also resonates with us as we celebrate those dads that have spent their lives being there for us through the many family hunting trips each year. We appreciate the time they have taken to introduce us to the outdoors while keeping the family hunting tradition alive in our own lives. Without our fathers many of us would never have been introduced to the sport of hunting.

family hunting why fathers day is important | Raised Hunting

Our Outdoor Dads

Fathers have taught their children how to embrace the outdoors, making it part of their life. We learned from our dads that the outdoors is our second home, one that is a safe place to explore and let go when you have the know-how and tools to make it such. Appreciation for the outdoors as part of family hunting is as much a part of our lives as the morals and integrity it provides. Family hunting traditions are part of us because these traditions make us stronger. They have shown so many of us that a successful hunt is not only about the kill but it is about sharing the outdoor experiences with others. Countless fathers have passed along life skills to their children through family hunting adventures.

It usually begins as youngsters; our fathers begin to bring us with them to the same areas they once were brought by their fathers. During these expeditions, our heads are overwhelmed with adventures and stories that have been experienced by our family hunting members who have hunted the same grounds year after year before us. Family hunting trips build our insatiable passion for the outdoors as we grow. Our fathers pass on these family hunting traditions like reading sign, appreciating nature and the primal skills needed to find and harvest game. These same trips are where we build our understanding of life. The important life lessons that are captured through the intimate relationship with the land and our fathers are the same ones we carry with us as we grow. Family hunting teaches us skills and life lessons that cannot be learned elsewhere in our early years. This passion for hunting is nurtured throughout our childhood by the many dads out there who took the time after work or on the weekends, even after a long work-week, to spend time with us hunting. Family hunting doesn’t just begin and end in childhood but it continues into adulthood. We continue to spend time with our fathers and family outdoors in each passing year. The bonds created are precious and are lifelong. Family hunting trips give time to reflect on life and for a short time forget about our daily challenges. Each time we suit up in our Realtree Camo we connect with all the great times we have had with our outdoor dads.

family hunting why fathers day is important | Raised Hunting

5 Father’s Day Facts

Father’s day 2016 is set for June 19th, always occurring on the third Sunday in June. Following Mother’s Day on the calendar, Father’s Day is just not a United States holiday for grabbing the cooler and grilling out, but it is an important holiday that occurs in many other countries throughout the world. Here are 5 Father’s Day facts behind the holiday.

  1. Father’s Day was first celebrated on June 19th, 1910 in Spokane, Washington. Sonora Smart Dodd is credited with inspiring the holiday after her father, a civil war veteran who raised six children as a single parent.
  1. After several attempts to create a formal holiday for dads, it was not until 1966 when President Lyndon Johnson issued the first presidential proclamation honoring fathers and designating the third Sunday in June as Father’s Day. President Richard Nixon, 6 years later, signed it into law in 1972.
  1. American’s spend over $1 billion annually on gifts for dads. Cards are the most frequently purchased gifts for Father’s Day. According to Hallmark, Father’s Day is the fourth-largest card sending holiday in the country with over 74 million cards exchanged.
  1. There are an estimated 70.1 million fathers in the United States who will be celebrated this Father’s Day according to the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse (
  1. The official flower of Father’s Day is the rose. A red rose symbolizes those dads that are still living while a white rose are for those fathers who have past.

Family hunting goes hand in hand with Father’s Day. The importance of Father’s Day is to remind ourselves of the great mentors and teachers we have in our lives. Those that have provided countless family hunting adventures throughout our time growing up. It is also time to remember the wonderful aspects about being a father to our own children. Recall the shared family hunting trips and the enjoyment each day spent with our children brings. Whether you are an outdoor dad or have a father that has embedded family hunting traditions into your life, make this Father’s Day one to appreciate the importance of fatherhood.

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