The Holder Obstacle Course | Training and Hunting Workouts

Training and Hunting Workouts

You will only reach the limit of success for what you trained for. You can’t expect to gain the benefits of hunting without first preparing and training for that hunt. Training for hunting, or performing hunting workouts doesn’t necessarily require going to the gym, in fact, we at the holder family have set up our own obstacle course in our own backyard. Not only that, we filmed it! We also want you to tell us how you perform your hunting workouts!

Holder Obstacle Course | Training and hunting Workouts
(Video) – This obstacle course can easily be done anywhere and not only allows us to train and perform hunting workouts but allows us to practice real shooting scenarios. By elevating our heart rate while working out, taking the time to shoot a bow will allow us to experience the fast heart rate caused by a bugling bull elk! While the actual feeling and heart rate caused by adrenaline might be different, these hunting workouts are allowing us to get as close to the real thing as we can.

Hunting Workouts: Backyard Training Steps

First things first, ask yourself what you are wanting to achieve by training, and performing hunting workouts. To get stronger, get fit, create stamina and endurance? Whatever the case may be it is worth it to achieve the maximum benefit from every workout. Take a serious look at one of our partners, Complete Nutrition. They have a full line of products, pre-workout, post-workout and much more that could give you even more of an advantage with each workout.

hunting workouts pre-workout | Raised Hunting

First: Start with an intense activity. In the holder backyard obstacle course, this is pulling a Delta McKenzie deer target across the yard. This will get the heart pumping in the first step before doing anything else.

Second: After an intense and demanding activity runs over to a different spot in the backyard for the next activity. For this obstacle course, pull ups was that activity.
Third: After those two activities, a change up in the workout is desired. For this obstacle course, it was running up and down a set of stairs (a hill would work) 5 times. This gets the heart rate up significantly and should be tailored to your endurance to absolutely peak you out. If it takes 10 times to wear you out on this step be sure you hit all 10 times.

Fourth: After you are out of breath, and your legs are strained, follow up with another quick building exercise like push-ups. This will balance you out and make sure every part of the body is receiving attention and strain.

Fifth: Take a run. For this obstacle course, it was simply to spring 60 yards, weaving through targets to ensure the heart rate is up.

Sixth: The final step in the holder obstacle course and this hunting workout is the most important. Up to this point, this has been regular training. There is no “hunting” aspect to it. The final step ties it all together and uses the benefits of the workout to help in another department of training for the hunt, the shot. While the heart rate is up, grab your compound bow and bow release, and try making a shot on a 30 yard or 40-yard target. Make it a realistic shot and focus as best you can. Your heart rate will simulate the final adrenaline filled moments leading up to a shot on an animal.

hunting workouts activity tracking | Raised HuntingAs the video mentions, tailor the hunting workouts and your own backyard obstacle course to your ability and training level. Be sure each step in your workout strains every part of your body and ensure your heart rate is up for the most critical and final piece of the workout. As you train throughout the season and off-season, bump up your hunting workout each and every time to ensure you are always bettering your strength, endurance, stamina, and focus. Also be sure to track your heart rate, activity, and create a record so you ensure you actually are creating more endurance, better physical fitness, and to be organized in your hunting workouts. Raised Hunting’s partner Garmin, has fantastic products for activity and hunting workout tracking.

The Idea

This is something you can do in your backyard, something that you don’t have to go to a gym for, or even drive to. Simply create an obstacle course, a detailed step by step activity plan, set up the archery target, and perform this hunting workout every other day when you get home from work. By the time the season rolls around you will be more than ready.

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