LaDonna Maxwell

LaDonna first started working with the Holders and an additional group of volunteers at another outdoor camp in 2002 where they were also all exposing youth to the outdoors. When Raised At Full Draw began, the Holders and LaDonna believed they needed to continue to educate our future generation specifically within hunting, conservation, archery and started the bowhunting camp in 2014.

LaDonna’s personal goal for RAFD has always been to have a camp in every state.

LaDonna believes if you can touch one child’s life then your personal life has been worth something. The most rewarding thing she does all year is our youth camp. To see the friendships, bonding, personal growth and leadership skills that occur in a 4 day camp is amazing. Not only is RAFD teaching bowhunting, archery, and conservation we are mentoring and teaching leadership skills. LaDonna is still in contact with campers from the very first camp.

One of the things that has always stuck in her mind is a camper coming and thanking her for taking away all their electronics the first day of camp. He said it forced him to make friends and communicate without texting. Another camper, was very shy and introverted and her first time at a camp. After camp her mother called and said she started participating in school activities, was elected to student council and her mother felt we made and impact on her daughter’s life. This is why LaDonna believes camp is most rewarding thing she does all year.

LaDonna love the outdoors but does not come from a hunting background. She will maybe hunt every three to 4 years. She truly believe in the youth, conservation and trying to preserve hunting for our future generations!