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By: Emily Katner

Article From Peterson’s Bowhunting

Anyone who has truly been raised hunting knows that it’s more than just filling some tags once a year – it’s a way of life. It’s about sharing a passion for the outdoors with family, adopting an active lifestyle, developing a conservation ethic and consistently honing those hunting skills.

And that’s what David and Karin Holder are teaching kids through their Raised at Full Draw youth bow hunting camps.

Fifteen years ago, David began working with a camp in Montana where kids learned elk calls, and he eventually started incorporating some hunting tips into the instruction. With insight from his sons who were attending the camp, David learned that the kids were most interested in the practical lessons they could apply in the field.

So, the Holders formed their own bow hunting camp Raised at Full Draw and are now entering their fifth year in Iowa and have expanded to Illinois and Montana…

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