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  • Iowa Deer Classic
  • DeerFest


Listed below you will find a list of our divisions, rules, entry fees and payout information.
The Iowa Deer Classic tournament will feature 20 static 3D targets strategically placed in varying distances within the indoor 40 yard range.


Raised At Full Draw is looking to sell one of the most exciting archery events around- the pop up system. Targets pop up in random order and are up for eight to twelve seconds with possible delays in between. Shooters could have multiple targets at one time, no shoot situations and running targets.

While we had fun traveling around setting up 3D shoots, we are focusing on our summer camps and our outdoor retreats. If you or someone you know is interested in purchasing this system please reach out to info@raisedatfulldraw.com


Three Bowhunter Classes:

  • Men’s
  • Women’s(16 and older)
  • Youth (15 and Under)


Cost Per Shooter:
$25 (Scoring Round limit, 1 per person) for men and women per 20 target round
$25 (Practice Round, unlimited amount) for men and women per 20 target round
$10 youth (ages 15 and under) 10 target round
All shooters will be allowed to shoot as many practice rounds as they would like, however they must pay the full $25.00 price and notify RAFD staff prior to the beginning of any given round if they wish to have that round be their scoring round.
Only one scoring round per shooter will be entered.
Men and Women Divisions(16 and older) payout will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Percentages based on total registration dollars received per event. 50% of total dollars gets paid out with allocations listed below and the other 50% goes to RAFD.
Example: $25 per shooter. 100 shooters (50 men and 50 women). $2,500 total take in. $1,250 to RAFD, $1,250 to shooters split by percentages
1st = 50% (312.50 for both Men’s and Women’s divisions)
2nd = 32% (200.00 for both Men’s and Women’s divisions)
3rd = 18% (112.50 for both Men’s and Women’s divisions)
Top 3 youth shooters will receive prizes.

If additional gear and prizes are available all shooters will be entered and drawn throughout the weekend just for shooting (winning is not required). One entry per shooter.

Trust me you won’t want to miss this!


A. Each RAFD tournament will consist of one round of 20 individual 3-D targets (non-moving). The target ranges will be set up indoors and outdoors, indoors when possible will be at hunting/outdoor expos.
B. Shooters can register online or onsite (first come first serve on flight times).
C. Each qualifier will have flights, the # of flights as well as shooters may vary per event. Shooters may choose a flight time during registration. Flights and times will be on a first come first serve basis.
D. Shooters must show up and sign in 30 mins prior to their registered flight time to receive their score card.
E. The tournament range will have 20 shooting lanes. Each lane will have a maximum of 3 shooters ina group. The first shooter from the group will shoot the assigned target for that lane. Once the first shooter has shot, the second shooter will step to the shooting lane to shoot, after the second shooter the third will shoot. All 20 shooters on the shooting line will be shooting at random. After ALL 60 shooters have shot, the Range official will acknowledge that ALL shooting lanes are CLEARED for scoring. The 20 Lane format may vary per location, due to space. Changes will be at the discretion of the Tournament Director.
F. If we do not have enough officials to score with each group, groups of 3 will be required to score each other’s arrows and CAN NOT score their own arrow.
G. An arrow must be completely cutting the scoring ring or in the inner ring. NO PULLING LINES!
H. Scoring will be 5,8,10, 12 (UPPER & LOWER).
I. Targets will be set up at yardages of 10-40 yards. This is KNOWN yardage.
J. Shooters WILL BE ALLOWED to use range finders and binoculars.
K. Sights: Most bow sights may be used, NO magnification! No laser.
L. Stabilizers: front and back may be used, must not be greater than 16 from riser.
M. Arrows: The maximum diameter is 8.0mm
N. Screw in field/practice points and glue in tips ARE allowed, NO broad heads.
O. This is a HUNTING style tournament.
P. Shooters should be prepared to shoot from tree stands approximately 1 foot off of the ground, from both a sitting and standing position. Shooters could also be shooting from pop-up ground blinds.
Q. There is no Speed restriction. BUT shooter must be able to pull the bow back in a safe manner. Shooter must follow ALL bow and arrow manufacture recommendations.
R. Tiebreakers will be determined by the # of 12s each shooter has. If the 12 count is the same then a 10 count will be used and so on.
S. The Tournament Director has the right to disqualify any shooter that he deems as unsafe, or is acting in a manner that is deemed a hindrance to other shooters, there will NOT be a refund for such infractions.

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