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Women’s Outdoor Retreat
Winterset, IA

June 11-13, 2021

Women 18+

Cost: $250 per participant

R.I.S.E (Reach, Inspire, Support, Empower) Women’s Outdoor Retreat

June 11-13th, 2021
Winterset, IA

Age: must be 18
(must be 21+ for wine tasting)

Cost: $250.00 per camper
– 1 year membership to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
– All food, equipment, ammo, and t-shirt

Mission Statement: Connecting like-minded women through the outdoors to empower individual strength, independence and determination while remaining compassionate, loyal and adventurous.

R.I.S.E is a division within Raised At Full Draw, our youth camp. R.IS.E. is a retreat for women designed to teach the skills of bowhunting, personal growth and confidence building skills that will carry into everyday life.

Our first year hosting a Women’s retreat was in 2018 and we named it our “Women’s Empowerment Camp” in 2019 we renamed it to RISE for many different reasons, but overall R.I.S.E stands for Reach, Inspire, Support, and Empower.
Our camp is hosted in the rolling hills of southwestern Iowa, better known as “the land of the giants”. With lush agricultural lands, and mature hardwood bottoms, there are plenty of ways to enjoy nature.

This three-day retreat is designed to give you some experiences that you may never have had before, or believed that you could do. Build confidence by learning how to properly shoot a bow and arrow, hike to a destination at night, learn how to set up a ground blind so you can go out hunting with your kids or by yourself. Shoot a professional 3D archery range that takes you up hills and down valleys. Learn to cook wild game and what wine to pair it with. Most of all this is a safe place to get away from all the demands of life for a few days to enjoy nature and fellowship with like minded women.

Lodging: You have the choice of staying in a local hotel and driving in each day or pitching a tent at the location and stay on site. You are responsible for your reservation if staying in a hotel or bringing camping equipment and supplies if staying on site.

The RAFD Women’s Empowerment Camp registration is now open for 2021

CAMP Address: 2548 Elderberry Ave , Winterset IA 50273

DIRECTIONS FROM WINTERSET?At the 4-way stop (HWY 92 and HWY 169) on the west side of Winterset, travel west on Hwy 92 toward Greenfield (approximately 7 miles) until you intersect Deer Run Trail (Macksburg Hwy). Turn Left or (south) at that intersection, travel 3 miles to the intersection of Carriage Trail. Turn left (east) and travel 2 miles until you run right into camp.

DIRECTIONS FROM MACKSBURG?Head North out of town on Deer Run Trail (Only paved road going north). Travel approximately 4.5 miles to Carriage Trail. Turn right (east) on Carriage Trail and travel 2 miles until you run right into camp.

Things to Bring (Proper Gear)

We look forward to having you at the Women’s Outdoor RISE retreat (a division of Raised At Full Draw) this year! The following information will ensure that you will have everything you need at camp this year: ***LABEL ALL GEAR WITH FIRST AND LAST NAME!***

  • Medications

  • Tent (with stakes and rain fly, for stormy conditions)

  • Sleeping bag and pad, pillow

  • Personal items: clothing, extra socks, etc. (enough for 4 days)

  • Warm jacket for mornings and evenings

  • Sturdy, CLOSED-TOED shoes for being outside

  • Rain gear

  • Towel and Bathing suit for showering

  • Toiletries

  • Camp chair

  • Insect repellant, Sunscreen, Lip balm

  • Flashlight or headlamp and extra batteries

Optional Items

  • Archery equipment (If your own bow is being brought, please have your accessories, finger tab or release, arrows with field points (no broad heads) and case)

  • Fishing gear (we might not have time to travel as there is not a pond on site but it’s a possible evening option)

  • Compass

  • GPS unit

  • Daypack

  • Personal Game Calls

  • Camera


Please contact the RISE/RAFD if you do not have any of the items listed on the “what to bring” list of proper gear. We may be able to help you out, but we will need to know as soon as possible in order to accommodate.


As adults RISE/RAFD does not need to store your medication but please let us know if we can be of assistance in anyway. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the RAFD prior to camp.

Any participant with dietary restrictions will need to let us know, you are also welcome to bring your own food. If you need to bring your own food, you are welcome to store those items in the kitchen area.


You can register online and mail in payment by completing the online registration, but if you would prefer complete paper registration please print the following documents and mail in with payment.


  • Raised At Full Draw

  • 1221 E. Buchanan St.

  • Winterset IA 50273


Check in will be from 12:00pm (noon) to 1:00 p.m. on Friday. Participants should be sure to stop at the check-in table when they arrive at camp. We encourage you to start by setting up your campsite and getting comfortable with the area.

All meals, drinks and snacks will be provided beginning with lunch on Friday and concluding with lunch on Sunday. An awards ceremony and lunch will be provided at noon on the last day of camp.


The rules of the RAFD camp are listed below

  • We do not allow alcohol, tobacco, or drugs of any kind

  • Outdoor showers are provided, even though enclosed, you may feel more comfortable showering with a bathing suit.


  • No bullying, name calling, or foul language.

  • Respect your peers, volunteers and property.

  • Use the buddy system. Stay in groups of at least 3 people.

All participants are expected to behave in a respectful manner while at camp. Please alert the RISE/RAFD staff and volunteers of any issues that may arise.


  • Fighting or harassment of any kind

  • Alcohol, tobacco, or drug use


All cancellations must be made six weeks prior to the camp start date. Cancellations after six weeks will be considered donations to camp and are non-refundable. Emergency cancellations will be considered and reviewed on a case by case situation.

Most of All Have Fun!

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