Raised Hunting is “On the Road”

“Raised Hunting” is more than a TV series, it’s a lifestyle, and the Holder family loves to spend time talking with people all across the nation about how hunting has impacted them. If you would like swap hunting stories with the Holder’s, check the list below to see where they will be next, and when they might be in a town near you.

Sportsman With A Purpose @ Paradise, PA @ Keystone Church
Mar 22 @ 6:00 pm
Sportsman With A Purpose @ Paradise, PA @ Keystone Church

“Intentional Living Through The Outdoors”

Karin and David are no strangers to the outdoors.  Combined, Karin and David have harvested over 300 animals with bow and arrow.  Many of these animals are considered “trophy” animals, however, Karin and David believe the trophy is in the journey, in what brought them to the point of actually having an encounter with one of God’s amazing creations.  To be successful over and over is not an accident, it is not luck, it is being INTENTIONAL.  Intentional about where to place deer stands, where to enter the fields, which stand to sit on what day.  Karin and David will talk about how you too can be successful in the outdoors AND in life by being intentional with Christ as the leader!