Accessorizing Your Ground Blind For Hunting Success
What Do You Need IN Your Ground Blind

Securing Your Ground Blind

Staking your ground blind. Ground Blinds are a tool and technology to use in your hunting arsenal. Their ability to get a hunter concealed anywhere, in any habitat or situation, with any species of the endless game we hunt makes them a necessity almost each and every year. When it comes to ground blinds bigger is better, more room means more gear, more people, or easier shooting whatever the situation may be. The one thing that hinders big blinds is the struggle to be portable and be on the move. Here are some ground blind hunting tips that could make your ground blind hunting more successful. Staking your ground blind keeps them around! It is as simple as that. David discusses his situation with ground blind disappearance and how to stake and firm your ground blind location. This includes the Primos ground blinds stakes which makes the ground blind virtually rock solid. Other than keeping your ground blind from blowing away in harsh weather, wind, and storm conditions, staking your blind reduces movement in wind and weather, meaning a solid concealment when game is nearby. We all know how spooky turkeys or deer can be to any movement, staking a blind is a needed step that could make the difference in your hunt. Bumping, leaning against, or using the ground blind to hang gear could all cause movement during the hunt, staking it down will eliminate this movement, and the potential to spook game in the moments that count.