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Raised at Full Draw
Shawano, WI

July 29- August 1, 2021

Age 12 – 17

Cost – $250 per camper

Raised at Full Draw (RAFD)
is excited to announce that we are heading to Shawano County, Wisconsin in July 2021.
This farmland landscape of flat plains, rolling hardwood hills, river bottom lowlands, thick cedar swamps is home to some giant whitetails and an abundance of wild turkeys. This area is a deer and turkey hunters paradise. Shawano County has abundant farm
land with a large quantity of valuable timber and several waterways including the Wolf River and the 6,215 acre Shawano Lake. Shawano County is a recreational paradise with many miles of ATV and hiking trails. Snowmobilers and cross country skiers also enjoy these trails during the winter months. Shawano County is a great setting for the next RAFD camp. Campers will not only leave camp with a greater love for the outdoors, they will have a deeper understanding for the need to preserve and promote our hunting heritage. The Shawano camp is located just North East of the City of Shawano in a 300+ acre recreational paradise surrounded by lush oaks and conifer trees.
Like our Kansas, Iowa and Montana camps, the 3D archery course consists of a minimum of 20 targets with a diverse species of North American game, challenging all levels of shooters. From rabbits and raccoons to bears and bulls, this 3D range has it all!
The targets are strategically placed throughout the terrain to teach the best skill sets in hunting. Shooters will be faced with a multitude of hunting situations and almost every circumstance. The certified RAFD instructors utilize our hands-on teaching approach that allows the shooters to make the best ethical decision for a quick clean kill. This camp doesn’t only teach
proper shot placement and retrieval of game, it exposes the youth to various hunting methods that will allow them to become better hunters. We teach treestand hunting, ground blinds and spot and stalk hunting methods. Our educational
curriculum has been proven to give our students the best up-to-date information for them to succeed in outdoor sports. If you’re looking for the most hands-on and informative hunting camp you have ever imagined, you have come to the right place. ?Turning today’s youth into tomorrow’s future. Welcome to
Raised at Full Draw.
  • Walker Group
  • Woodlands Chapters – WI Deerhunters Inc.
  • SCI – WI
  • Jeff Wallace Flooring
  • Northwinds Chapter – WI Deerhunters Inc.
  • Shawano Chapter – WI Deerhunters Inc.
  • Shadows on the Wolf
  • Matt’s Memorial Musky Tournament
  • Tri-City Archery League
  • SCI Northwest WI Chapter
  • WTU WI

Raised At Full Draw offers partial assistance through our scholarship program to prospective campers with financial, spiritual and emotional need. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to attend camp. We would like to encourage you to reach out to your local ?critter club? or outdoor groups and see if they would sponsor the individual to attend. Some groups to contact may include, Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA), Pheasants Forever, Whitetails Unlimited etc. Please fill out the registration form below to apply for a summer camp scholarship.



Things to Bring (Proper Gear)

We look forward to having you at the Raised At Full Draw Camp this year! The following information will ensure that you will have everything you need at camp this year: ***LABEL ALL GEAR WITH FIRST AND LAST NAME!***

  • Medications (no glass please!) – these will need to be checked in with the camp nurse at check-in

  • Tent (with stakes and rain fly, for stormy conditions)

  • Sleeping bag and pad, pillow

  • Personal items: clothing, extra socks, etc. (enough for 4 days)

  • Warm jacket for mornings and evenings

  • Sturdy, CLOSED-TOED shoes for being outside

  • Rain gear

  • Towel and Bathing suit for showering

  • Toiletries

  • Camp chair

  • Insect repellant, Sunscreen, Lip balm

  • Flashlight or headlamp and extra batteries

Optional Items

  • Archery equipment (If your own bow is being brought, please have your accessories, finger tab or release, arrows with field points (no broad heads) and case)

  • Fishing gear (may not be available)

  • Compass

  • GPS unit

  • Daypack

  • Personal Game Calls

  • Camera


Please contact the RAFD if you do not have any of the items listed on the “what to bring” list of proper gear. We may be able to help you out, but we will need to know as soon as possible in order to accommodate.


All medication must be checked in with the camp nurse when campers arrive on Thursday. Please indicate any special instructions at that time. In certain cases, the camp nurse may be in contact with you prior to camp if the camper’s registration indicated that special accommodations may be needed. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the RAFD prior to camp.

Any camper with dietary restrictions that may need to bring their own food must check those items in at check in on Thursday. Those items will be stored securely in the kitchen area.


You can register online and mail in payment by completing the online registration, but if you would prefer complete paper registration please print the following documents and mail in with payment.


Raised At Full Draw
1221 E. Buchanan St
Winterset IA 50273


Check in will be from 12:00pm (noon) to 1:00 p.m. on Thursday. Campers should be sure to stop at the check-in table when they arrive at camp. All medications and special accommodations will be reviewed at this point. Parents are allowed and encouraged to stay and help their child set-up their tents and campsite (we want your child to feel comfortable).

All meals, drinks and snacks will be provided beginning with lunch on Thursday and concluding with lunch on Sunday. Campers can be picked up anytime after noon on Sunday. An awards ceremony and lunch will be provided at noon and parents are welcome and encouraged to join.


The rules of the RAFD camp are listed below


  • Electronics (video games, iPods, etc.) Cell phones will be allowed, but will be checked in at the beginning of camp, and checked out for limited use (to check in with folks) at specified times during camp.

  • Alcohol, tobacco, or drugs of any kind, Knives, Firearms, Short shorts, Low-cut or cropped tops

  • Outdoor showers are provided, even though enclosed, kids may feel more comfortable showering with a bathing suit on(this is the only place bathing suits will be permitted).

  • RAFD camp does not have a dress code, however, if we feel that clothing is inappropriate in any way, we may ask the clothing be changed, if the camper disagrees they can be asked to be excused from camp.


  • No bullying, name calling, or foul language.

  • Respect your peers, volunteers and property.

  • Use the buddy system. Stay in groups of at least 3 people.

  • No boys and girls in tents together.

  • No boys in the girls shower area, and vice versa.

  • No game calls (camp often provides things that make noise, ie. Turkey calls etc…) after lights out.

  • Lights out at 10:30 pm unless camp programs run later.

All campers are expected to behave in a respectful manner while at camp. If at any point a child has broken the camp rules or demonstrates unacceptable behavior, they may be sent home from camp. Please alert the RAFD staff and volunteers of any issues that may arise. We understand that kids may get homesick, but we will not allow phone calls to home except during specified times, or in case of an emergency. Volunteers will be available around the clock, if needed. Some of the key rules to be aware of are below:


  • Co-ed tents, making out

  • Fighting or harassment of any kind

  • Alcohol, tobacco, or drug use

  • For all other infractions volunteers are trained to discipline in a “three strikes” manner.

  • Strike 1: Volunteers will document the situation and talk to the camper. Inform them that what they did was wrong and why. In some cases, the camper may be asked to sit out of an activity for a period of time.

  • Strike 2: Again, the volunteer will document the incident. At this time, the camper and volunteer may draft a behavior agreement where they discuss the problem and list ways to correct the problem as well as the consequences of further misconduct. This document will be signed by both the camper and the volunteer.

  • Strike 3: The camper’s parents will be notified that the child must be picked up as soon as possible and not return to camp. We need to be very respectful of the land we are camping on, therefore we ask that campers clean up after themselves and after each other, primarily around their camping area


All cancellations must be made six weeks prior to the camp start date. Cancellations after six weeks will be considered donations to camp and are non-refundable. Emergency cancellations will be considered and reviewed on a case by case situation.

Most of All Have Fun!

Download printable Rules & What to Bring Here

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