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Training Yourself To Find More Deer Sheds

Shed Hunting Tips, Part 1. When do you go shed hunting? That’s one of the most common question between shed hunters that is asked. What is the best time to go shed hunting, the best weather for shed hunting, the best light, and so on? These are all asked and discussed time and time again, and above all of these questions should not be on when to look but how to look. Shed hunters should be asking how to better themselves when looking for sheds. If you are not trained to spot sheds, you will quite frankly miss a lot, if not the majority, of sheds on the ground. So here is a great shed hunting tip. Carry at least one shed with you in your pack or when you find an antler pitch it out at a distance and try and find it. Now obviously you can see where it lands but study how it looks. This is important and should be a mandatory practice each and every day you go out shed hunting. Throwing an antler out lets you see what a shed will look like in that day’s light, that particular habitat, and in that ground cover. This can train your eyes to spot deer sheds, and just like a shed hunting dog, you will quickly rack up your successful percentage each and every day you look. So when should you shed hunt? Anytime you can is

the right time, train your eyes to find deer sheds so you don’t have to worry about the day, light and weather as much.