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Using A Dog To Find More Deer Sheds

Part 5 of looking for deer sheds. Shed hunting for some is absolutely necessary on their deer hunting property. Combing your property for deer sign is scouting for next hunting season, it teaches you a lot about your property and the deer utilizing it, but you are out to find deer sheds. Finding sheds or dead deer heads confirm the fate of your hit list bucks and your up and comers. When you look for deer sheds in certain habitat and topography, such as food plots, open timber, and large fields, it is fairly easy with enough eyes looking for white gold to find the majority of sheds. However, some habitats such as thick timber and corn fields are some of the hardest areas to shed hunt in. Unfortunately these are some of the best places to find deer sheds. While it might be impossible for us to find a shed in a corn field, using a dog to find sheds could be the ticket. How effective can a shed dog be at finding deer sheds? How many more sheds does a shed dog find than just you or a couple of friends? What habitats do shed dogs excel in finding sheds, what habitats are they not so effective in? With the addition of Dan to the Holder family, Raised Hunting discusses using a shed dog and addresses these questions. Part of this discussion focuses around how effective a shed dog can be in certain habitats, and other considerations to think about when considering using a shed dog when you shed hunt this year.