Venison Holiday Appetizer | Raised Hunting

Venison Recipe | Venison Holiday Appetizer

Wild Game Recipes | Venison Recipe: Venison Holiday Appetizer

We don’t get to cook too often but when we do, we like to do it up right! This wild game recipe will knock your socks off! This wild game recipe, more specifically venison recipe is for Venison holiday appetizers.

Venison Holiday Appetizer | Raised HuntingVenison Recipe Directions

Marinate a deer loin 2 hours in 1/3 c soy, 1/3c teriyaki, 1/3 c Worcestershire sauce, a splash of lemon, a wad of brown sugar & some slap ya momma seasoning.

Pull out and dry at room temp for 30 min

Salt and pepper hard, spray with Pam

2 zone hot charcoal fire preferably toss apple wood on the fire before cooking.

Sear loin on both sides 3-4 min per side

Set on the grill over no fire for 5-6 min per side

Pull off grill and let rest 10-15 min before slicing

Sourdough bagget sliced into pencil thin width

Heat butter and crushed garlic (a lot)

Slather onto bread and broil

Slice loin thinner than a pencil

Put a very thin slice of horseradish hararti cheese on bread then the meat (use all the juice)

Place a half sprig of onion on top

Enjoy this venison recipe, and be sure to check out all of the other wild game recipes!!

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