What Makes a Successful Hunting Food Plot?

When it comes to food plots, we are just like most of you. First off, we made lots of mistakes when we started. Didn’t check the ph level of our soil and wouldn’t have known how to correct the ph if we did check it. Planted to early, planted to late, and thought if one bag is good two will be even better. Heck, even when stuff started growing, we didn’t know what is was.

What’s the Best Product for Deer Food Plots?

It wasn’t until we grew a quarter acre plot of velvet leaf (A WEED!!!) and posted it on social media with the tag “check out our soybean plot coming in awesome”, only to have several folks ask “where is there a bean in that picture” did we realize we really sucked at this planting food plots stuff.

However, most people that know our family, know we don’t give up very easily, which meant we just had to learn some more and keep trying, and we have done that.

Now we won’t kid anyone and say our plots are picture perfect, but we will say for the last five or six years we have planted plots that have grown what they were supposed to, and we have harvested our share of dandy deer in and around those plots.

We don’t own or lease several thousand acres our largest farm we have a food plot on is a hundred and fifty acres. No big tracks of ground which means no big machinery and no huge food plots either. Our largest plot is just under 3 acres and our smallest is right at a quarter of an acre.

Are there Recommended Placements for Deer Food Plots?           

We do this intentionally so that we can generally hunt an entire food plot from two stand locations, each located for a different wind.

One of, if not the best tip I can give someone looking to start planting food plots is find a seed company you like, that has everything you think you will want, and most importantly that will answer questions, because you are going to have some.

When you find a company that does that, you are on your way. We have worked with several seed companies over the last several years and all of them were helpful, however I must say the folks at Antler King seem to go to another level.

Things you will need to know before you start. What do you want your plot to do? Feed and attract deer all year, at a certain time of the year, or a combination of the two. Next you will need to know where the plot is going, how big it will be, how accessible is it and what tools and equipment will you need, to not only put it in, but maintain the plot as well.

Several factors will contribute to the success of your plot. Soil type and water amounts in your area will more than likely be your two largest variables. Nothing will grow without any water or on top of a rock, just like it won’t grow at the bottom of a pond or in straight sand. Some of this can be tweaked, but some is out of your control, God gave you what he gave you.

We can say this from experience, shooting a deer is always rewarding, but shooting deer standing in a food plot you planted is even more special.

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