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It's pretty unreal that he spotted this antler at all, but the fact that he did it, while you were going down the road at 70 mph is even more impressive. Now, that you and your son have determined that the shiny spot out in the field is definitely a shed antler, your son begins to open the door.
You stop him, and ask what are you doing? He replies; “gonna go grab that antler”. Now, he is only sixteen, but your sure he knows the rules of private land, and what trespassing means, when it comes to hunting, but it seems as though, he doesn't think it applies to any other time of year. The two of you, are are a few miles from home, and know this particular field is private land, but have no idea who the landowner is. 
So you pose the question to him, if that was a 180 inch buck in that field, could you shoot it? He says “no” then why on earth, do you think you could go grab an antler laying out in that field, without permission. 
Well it's just laying there and they could run over it, he says, as if he is doing them a large favor, and maybe he is, but either way you feel he needs to learn the bigger picture.

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