Common Questions

Hey there! We hand check each and every nock to ensure proper operation before being shipped. We recommend (before shooting them) to check each nock in the pack. Simply push your nock onto a bow string (without being installed in an arrow) and make sure the string activated switch is down. Twist the battery clockwise until the light turns on, then flip the switch up (the off position) and your ready to go.

Our nocks are designed to have a very snug fit to ensure they don't move around or twist too easily. This comes with some caution though. Installation for most arrows will allow you to simply slide the nock in with minimal pressure and slight twisting. If that won't work, remove the nock, place some bow wax or chapstick on the nock, and slowly twist while pushing the nock home. If you need to use a nock tool, please use one versus using a flat surface to push the nock in.

If that still isn't working, please contact us immediately and we will help you get them to fit or send you a new pack!

We are committed to making a quality product, but sometimes there is variance in the electronics with our nocks. If you have a working nock that won't turn on after only a few shots, remove the nock and unscrew the battery. Push your nock on a string to activate the switch, and twist the battery back in.

If that doesn't work, please contact us right away. We will help figure out the issue or get you replacements!

We get it, sometimes you just happen to order the wrong size or variant of a product and feel hung out to dry. Don't worry though, as long as you can provide us a with a picture of the nocks in good condition as well as the package, we will replace it for you! Just send us an email at or click the "Chat" button to the right.

We have a helpful size chart for all the arrows we have tested with our nocks so far. Since our nocks are still new, we are testing as many arrows as possible to ensure proper fitment.

If you own Easton arrows, please advise. Over a large variety of testing with Easton arrows, we have found there is a significant amount of variance from their I.D. from shaft to shaft. Yes it sounds crazy, but even their own nocks have variance in their arrows. If you still want to buy nocks for them, we are happy to help anyway possible, but we are not responsible for any damaged nocks or arrows.

Still have questions? Let us know!