Commonly Asked Questions

Due to our scents being completely natural, we are limited to the amount we can make. With that being said, our scents are typically in stock from Mid June through Mid November.

Our shelf life is reliant on how you take care of them. As long as you keep your scents out of excessive heat such as a hot vehicle in the summer, or freezing temperatures for extended periods of time, all of our scents are rated to last for 2 full seasons.

We recommend keeping your scents in a climate controlled area when not in use. During the season you may have them with you to check cameras or to go hunting, just try to avoid excessive heat or cold. Out of the season, simply throw them in the fridge until next year.

Our scents can be used any time of the year. Although, there are peak times of the year when you will get better results. Check out these videos for more information. All About Raised Scents