Make Your Mock Scrapes Real.

Raised Scents In Action

Why Are Raised Scents Different?

Raised Scents has been in the works since 2019. Trial and error has brought us to this very point. We are proud to share and educate fellow hunters on the power of Whitetail's Glandular Scents. With extensive research and experimenting we have developed the most pure form of a Whitetail's communication methods. Read more below about each scent, and our successes with them.

Using Raised Scents Properly

All of the Raised Scents can be used and are more effective being used in conjunction with one another.

For scrapes: Clear a 2' x 3' oval shaped area on the ground or find an already existing scrape. Apply Scrape Addict, Scrape King, Scrape Queen, or Buck Junkie to the ground and on a licking branch. Do your best to avoid directly stepping in the scrape or touching licking branches with your hands. A few sprays is all you need because of the purity of our scents. This ensures you won't alarm your deer, and one bottle can last you 300 sprays or more.

For Rubs: Using Buck Junkie Oil Or paste, find a tree that deer typically would hit for a rub. Or place your own rub tree where you want it. Simply open the bark a litte bit and drop some Oil on the tree or use a stick to rub the paste on the tree. You can also spray or use any of the other scents to enhance your rub tree!

Using LHD: LHD is the only scent we have that isn't geared towards scrapes or rub trees. Although you can use LHD on either one of those, our main purpose of it is to use walking in to your stand or to set up drag trails. With the spray, just cover your drag rag, sponge, or any device you want to use to apply the scent. If you are using it to walk in, just make sure to refresh your application device every 50-100 yards.

Buck Junkie

Buck Junkie is a patent pending unique blend of salivary and forehead glands from a whitetail deer. New research has shown that deer use glandular scents to communicate more than any other method. Buck Junkie is a mixture of the two most commonly used communication glands among whitetails.

100% pure form of the most unique glandular scent on the market. Great for use in many areas all year round. Comes in a paste and oil. Check out the video below where we used Buck Junkie on a rub tree.

Scrape King

Scrape King is a bucks pre-orbital gland lure. Pre-Orbital Gland is located next to the tear duct of the eye. Whitetail's use this gland to mark scrape branches to allow other deer to identify them and mark their area.

Using Scrape King on existing scrapes is a great way to raise interest in dominant bucks that are in the area. You can use this any time of the year, but late September through the rest of your season is primarily more commonly used.

Scrape Queen

Scrape Queen is our same scent as Scrape King, just with a doe's pre-orbital scent instead. Using the Scrape Queen can let local bucks know there is a new doe and potential mate in the area.

Scrape King and Scrape Queen can be used very well together to make it smell like their is multiple new deer in the area.

Lonely Hot Doe


LHD a matrix of hot doe glands and urines collected during the peak of the rut (late October to early
November). Unlike any of the other Raised Scents, this one is primarily used with drag rags, boot pads, or simply spraying on limbs near your stand. You can use this in scrapes as well, but we have designed it for easy use to bring a buck on a trail directly to where you want your shot.