Buck Junkie
Buck Junkie
Buck Junkie
Buck Junkie
Buck Junkie

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Buck Junkie

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Buck Junkie


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Buck Junkie is a patent pending unique blend of salivary and forehead glands from a whitetail deer. New research has shown that deer use glandular scents to communicate more than any other method. Buck Junkie is a mixture of the two most commonly used communication glands among whitetails. Unlike any other scent, Buck Junkie can be used all year round. 

  • 100% pure form of the most unique glandular scent on the market. 
  • Great for use in many areas all year round.
  • Comes in a paste and oil.

Why pick Oil: Oils are designed to keep the most potent and concentrated scent possible from the bottle to the field. 

Why Pick Paste: Pastes are designed for long lasting results and even more concentrated scent dispersement.  

Customer Reviews

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Jarred Schmitt

Buck Junkie

Terri Martin
Easy to use and lasts a long time

Deer check my mock scrapes all the time and 1 bottle will last all season.

Alex L Deck
Worth every penny!

In just 24 hours buck junkie paste has pulled multiple deer into my mock scrape. Super impressed! Definitely something to keep in your pack!

Zach Wyse
Buck junkie scrape paste

Only going with a 3 for now as it hasn’t proven itself to myself just yet. I’m serious about finding a good product and. I will say on my first hunt with it I made a mock scrape on a likely tree to have a rub \ scrape as season progresses. And during that hunt one small 4 point came right to the tree scent checked and really checked it out. Wait to see what results are yet to come not a very easy product to apply to beaches or scrape ropes as product is tough to get to stick to objects. Rubber gloves are probably the play. I’ll be testing the product hard this year. Thanks.

George Hoffman

I just put out some lure in front of my spy point cellular trail cameras. My first impression of the lure is that I like to oil with the squirt top the best for application. I would suggest using a dropper top like trappers use!! The gel in the canister moved when I opened the jar and liquid splashed on my hand. I think a more jelly like substance like deer formula had would be better. I was not pleased spilling it in my hands. I feel the gel per orbital/forehead gland lure should be stickier. It was hard to keep the gel in the tree rub I made and hanging grape vine. It was all over my hand do iI smeared it on. The oil worked much better. It rained pretty hard last night so I hop the scent remains as I will not be able to reapply for two weeks. I just had a spike buck walk by the rubbed trees I made. Did not really show any interest in the rubbed trees and lure. I was thinking about adding some good thickener to the gel in order to make it sticky!! It would be nice if it were like glue!!