Lonely Hot Doe
Lonely Hot Doe
Lonely Hot Doe

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Lonely Hot Doe

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Lonely Hot Doe


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Lonely Hot Doe (LHD) is a matrix of hot doe glands and urines collected during the peak of the rut. This scent will primarily attract bucks looking for a mate. LHD is best used 2 weeks prior to the rut in your area and through the rest of your season. 

  • LHD is great for drag rags or pads.
  • Perfect for luring bucks into shooting range. 
  • A new and improved version of a hot doe scent. Glands from a hot doe mixed with urine from a hot doe.

Customer Reviews

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Scott Sprague
Doe Urine Scent

I have not received the bottle yet. Been hoping it would come in but hasent yet. Hopefully it will get here soon. Then when the rut starts I will certainly use it in mock & real scrapes and I’m hoping it brings in the big guys this season. If it works well & brings ‘‘em running. And especially if I put a arrow threw one or more I will certainly let you know of my results. Thank You

Devon Yoder

Spray this all over your boots when walking into your stand, it will distract deer from smelling you, and if s buck crosses it, he is bound to come check it out..

Richard Myllykangas
Lonely Hot Doe

I can't really give this a good or bad review. This year it blew 40+mph, it rained for 3 days, and the deer just didn't move. I have plenty left for next year so we will try it again.

James Machado

Lonely Hot Doe

Dtew Johnson
Two thumbs up

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