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Scrape King

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Scrape King


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Scrape King is a scent extracted from the pre-orbital glands of whitetail bucks. The pre-orbital gland, (found near the tear duct) is what allows deer to both identify and communicate amongst each other. Scrape King was developed so you could introduce new bucks to your area, forcing local bucks to protect their home turf. Scrape King can be used from early September through the rest of the season.

  • Great for licking branches, rub trees, and scrapes. 
  • Great for trail camera locations.
  • Comes in a spray or paste. 

Why pick spray: Sprays are designed to break the scent into a mist form, giving your deer the most effective way to locate the scent. 

Why Pick Paste: Pastes are designed for long lasting results and even more concentrated scent dispersement.  

*Both types of Scrape King are SOLD SEPARATELY.*

Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Joshua Brown
Works great!

Had a buck show up just a few hours after putting it out. Have had numerous deer coming in checking it out. Keep looking for it come back in stock!

Chad Seeger
Scrape King/Buck Junkie

I immediately put both products to use on a mock scrape. I have a piece of grapevine over a scrape. Plenty of deer in this area and have only pictured a doe sniffing the scrape and it’s out for over 2 weeks. Don’t want to rate the product as of yet

Craig Brammer
Scrape king

Used it on one of my areis noticed young books scraping but waiting for the big ones

Ntaj Vwj

Scrape King

Robert Bearup
Scrape King

I've put it out. I have several more bucks hanging around now. We'll see!